the Nourish Program

Non-judgemental weight loss with a hormone balancing approach.

If you're ready to stop dieting & lose weight for good while enjoying satisfying, delicious food, scroll down.

Are you tired of the struggle to achieve your
best weight?

Do you want to eat delicious food without feeling guilty?

Do you feel like you can't lose weight no matter what you try?

There is a better way.
A way that you can conquer cravings,
master your metabolism,
and lose weight once and for all
(while eating delicious food and loving life)

For over 20 years I've seen clients get healthy and attain their best weight. Now, I've taken the best resources and created a program that works to help women lose weight and keep it off for life.

Designed for those who are ready to get healthy once and for all, in a fun, supportive environment. With the combination of online learning, personalized coaching, and group support, this is the
most comprehensive weight loss & hormone balancing program available.

 Each component of this program has been designed and tested to provide you with the most valuable, practical information and guidance that will get you on the road to optimal health
as quickly as possible while loving your food and getting the most enjoyment out of life.

-       Stop wasting your time and energy on fads.

Become confident in your delicious, healthy choices while treating yourself with love and compassion.

-       Stop relying on willpower and instead learn tested tips, tricks, and tools to make this an easy, fun lifestyle. 

-       Stop “dieting” and get into your healthy, right-sized body (once and for all).

Happy Clients

"I have lost 20 pounds over the course of 4 months.  I had always wanted to lose weight slowly (since I have always heard that is the right way to do it).  But I have never had the patience.  I've always opted for the quick way.  Why?  Because doing it slowly was never satisfying and I always felt deprived!  Changing my lifestyle with this program has been AMAZING!  I have never felt like I'm deprived and I have even thrown in some cheat meals with ZERO guilt knowing that I will pick up right where I left off.  I wish so much I could magically transport my new way of thinking, and treating food like medicine for your body, to all the other people in my life that I care about."  ~ Melissa F

Nourish:  Your Roadmap to Body Love
You will receive one-of-a-kind video classes and written educational tools to get all of the information you need to empower you to find your best path to success. You also get individual support and group coaching with access to a private facebook group so that you will never feel alone while you get healthy and lose weight.  
Step 1: 
Slimdown Secrets
The Smart Way to  Lose Weight and Love Your Body
You will learn the truth about food so that you are empowered and armed with the information you need to start losing weight and feeling great.  By the end of this series you will know how to make the best food decisions to truly nourish your body and you will be ready for your 2 week metabolism Reset.

Step 2:
Reset Your Metabolism

Help Your Body Work FOR You – Not Against You

Construct your own personal best plan to reset your metabolism and conquer cravings.  You will do a nourishing “reset” incorporating your new plan and then learn to incorporate guilt-free fun foods and indulgences.
Step 3:
Permanent Weight Loss 

Create a Supportive Environment for Lifelong Success
You will create your surroundings so that they support your new lifestyle.  You will set your kitchen up for success and learn to organize your environment so that this all becomes automatic and easy.
Step 4:
Overcome Over-Eating

Healing Your Relationship with Food
Mindful eating, developing intuition, self-trust, and self-awareness.  You will master the practice of mindfulness so that you can experience the most joy around food without the need for binging or overeating.
Step 5:
Conquer Your Cravings

Master Urges and Find Peace
You find satisfying substitutions for your favorite sweet and savory snacks so you can live a life you love.  Enjoy delicious food without guilt. Set yourself free from food addictions. 
Step 6:
Succulent Success Secrets

Learn the Art of Self-Compassion and the True Value of Self Care
You can’t succeed if you don’t treat yourself with love and compassion.  You will master self-care and reassess your definition of success.  You find movements that you love including multitasking movements with other tasks you need to accomplish to live a great life.  Commitment to self-care in all aspects of life allows nourishing lifestyle decisions to become second nature.
Step 7:
Find Your Why

Resolutions That Stick 
Why are you eating this way? You will review the amazing benefits of this lifestyle and why some of the other plans you might have tried set you up for failure.  You will distinguish your personal reasons for making this commitment to nourish yourself so that if challenges arise, you will be able to stand firm in your resolutions.
Step 8:
Weight Freedom Formula

Love Your Body for Life
Loving your life forever. Review of the top tips and take-aways from your journey.  Learn how to stay on track (or get back fast) when life inevitably gets tough.  
Virtual Classes
Your program includes 16 transformational video classes designed to teach you everything you need to know to become confident in your weight loss system, delivered to your inbox so you can listen or watch at your leisure.
Along with your classes you will receive a cookbook with delicious recipes, meal plans, and handouts to save and/or print out to reenforce what you've learned & to help you along your weight loss journey.
You will get access to our private Facebook group so you can ask questions, post celebrations, share ideas, & stay inspired. Plus, every 4th Thursday we have a bonus 45 minute group coaching call for extra personalized support (currently 1pm Eastern).

Rebecca Henson MPT,MN,RD
Rebecca Henson is a licensed Dietitian and Physical Therapist who is one of the most highly acclaimed weight management specialists in Florida.  Rebecca earned her Masters Degree in Physical Therapy from Ithaca College and later went back to earn her 2nd Masters Degree in Nutrition from San Diego State University.  She has acquired a reputation for her sound, straightforward educational and supportive counseling in clean-eating and health management as a total lifestyle.
There is nothing I take more seriously than food. I am a recovering processed food-a-holic and lover of all things tasty.  When people ask "salty or sweet" my answer is BOTH.  There is no need to suffer.  I will teach you to attain your best health while enjoying food that is truly satisfying.  You get to eat until you're full.  You get to eat things that are delicious.  We will find a way to make this work for you.  Especially if you love food.  
"Rebecca helped me lose 40 pounds and I've kept it off for over 3 years. No other program I had tried gave me long-term success." 
Gayle K
"I never knew that healthy food could be so easy and delicious. This program saved my life."
-Carol T
"Rebecca explains things so that they finally make sense and she motivates me to make real changes."
Sharon N
 Nourish Yourself. 

You Deserve to Feel Amazing.

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$200 (Save $67)