The Dietitian

The Nourish Program


The Nourish Program: Your Virtual Plan for Weight Loss & Hormone Balance

  • Stop wasting your time and energy on fads and become confident in your delicious, healthy choices while treating yourself with love and compassion.
  • ​​​Stop relying on willpower and instead learn tested tips, tricks, and tools to make this an easy, fun lifestyle. ​​​​
  • ​​​​Stop “dieting” and get into your healthy, right-sized body (once and for all).


What you’ll get:

  • Lifetime Access to Your Nourish Course
  • 16 Virtual lessons including everything you need to know to balance your hormones, lose weight & feel amazing (while living your best life)
  • Printable meal plans, recipes, educational handouts and resources
  • Personalized support in the members only Nourish Program Facebook Group
  • A life that you love in your right sized body.
“Rebecca explains things so that they finally make sense and she motivates me to make real changes.”  ~Sharon N