The Dietitian

How to Stop Binge Eating (Part I)

Have you ever had an experience with binge eating?

What I mean by “binge eating” is eating an excessive amount of food in one sitting. This is sometimes accompanied by feeling out of control. It is often followed by regret.

If you have experienced this, you are not alone.
Most of you know that I used to be quite a bit heavier, but you may not know that I was a binge-eater. I would eat two pints of ice cream in one sitting. I could finish off a giant bag of chips and follow it up with cookies. And then I felt shame.

This is my example, but if you have ever binged your experience is personal. Whatever it looks like for you, I am creating a series of videos with tips that I hope will help you gain control over your eating.

If you would like extra support in overcoming binge eating, please reach out to me. And if you know someone who could use support, please share. ❤️