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How to Stop Binge Eating (Part III)


Have you ever wondered why you experience binge eating or overeating and if it’s possible to stop? In this week’s final video in our binge eating series you will learn why binge eating isn’t your fault. There are reasons why you might have a hard time controlling your eating, and once you learn them you … Read more

How to Stop Binge Eating (Part II)


No matter how much we wish to be fit and healthy, we won’t succeed if excess food is meeting some of our basic human needs. In this 2nd video of our binge eating series, we find out about the blocks that can be caused when food is meeting our need for security, love, or comfort. … Read more

How to Stop Binge Eating (Part I)


Have you ever had an experience with binge eating? What I mean by “binge eating” is eating an excessive amount of food in one sitting. This is sometimes accompanied by feeling out of control. It is often followed by regret. If you have experienced this, you are not alone.Most of you know that I used … Read more

How to Lose Weight Without Feeling Deprived

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If you are on a “diet” and you feel sad or deprived, you might as well stop. We all need to find a way to attain our best weight while eating delicious foods and living a life that we love. In this video I talk about how to get healthy without deprivation. I hope … Read more