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Black Bean Brownies


Black bean brownies? I was sceptical too, but you must trust me. B​​​​​​​y popular demand, here is the recipe that might change your life. ; ) ​​​​​​​​​​​​​​The BEST Black Bean Brownies: -2 rinsed/drained Cans Black Beans – 1/2 cup Cacao Powder – ​​​​​​​1 cup Rolled Oats -​​​​​​​1/2 tsp salt – 3/4 ​​​​cup (real) Maple Syrup – … Read more

Leniency in Your Lifestyle Plan


I’m just back from a long weekend of eating my way through the best restaurants in Charleston, so this week I am talking about making sure there’s leniency in your lifestyle plan. For me, this looks like having a healthy, nourishing routine that I love when I’m home, so that I can indulge when I’m … Read more

How to Lose Weight Without Feeling Deprived

Watch Video

If you are on a “diet” and you feel sad or deprived, you might as well stop. We all need to find a way to attain our best weight while eating delicious foods and living a life that we love. In this video I talk about how to get healthy without deprivation. I hope … Read more

Progress not perfection

Progress not perfection

Confession time. I’ve heard rumors that some people who follow me on social media think that I always eat a perfect diet. Those who work with me privately or who know me personally will attest that that is hardly the case. I’m a big advocate of doing our very best to be healthy while getting … Read more

Got Romaine?

Rebecca and Lynn

Got Romaine? Did you hear about the recall of romaine lettuce around the US this week? I was honored to spend some quality time with the gorgeous Lynn Morris from SaraFresh Juice and we got to chat about romaine, seasonal produce, and the benefits of buying local. I hope that you enjoy hanging out with … Read more